As a medical device manufacturer representing Korea, we do our best in order to translate the values of human health promotion into reality through product development based on our

Since Finemedix Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, we have developed medical devices solely with domestic technology putting a high value on communicating with medical personnel. As a result, Finemedix CO., LTD. succeeded in self-producing medical devices in the domestic endoscopy accessories market where was entirely dependent on imports, and have built up independent technical skills, which led to the acquisition of a patent for treatment device for endoscopic submucosal dissection and a GMP certificate suitable for medical device manufacturing and good manufacturing practice in 2010.
Furthermore, we maintain and secure our cooperative relationships with domestic medical personnel, and continue to gather their opinions and invest in R&D immediately making it our mission to reflect the needs of medical personnel to our products in order to develop superior medical devices.
All of Finemedix employees will continue to make efforts and develop until the day when we stand on the world market as a medical device industry leader.
Thank you.
Finemedix CEO Seongwoo Jeon